We operate one of the largest deposits of barite in Laos and liaise with third party mines bringing our total annual capacity over 500,000 MT. The production is consolidated at the port and warehouses where quality control, blending and processing is carried out. In Morocco, we operate multiple mining leases for Barite, Zinc and Lead. Additionally we work with small size producers in improving their production and realizing better value for their products. The economies of scale that we bring in with our global footprint helps both the end user and the producer.


We invest regularly in processing, refining and manufacturing of value added products across continents and have a diverse product base catering to the requirements of the oil drilling industry.

Facilities in India and Laos produce a broad range of products which are approved by reputed agencies and preferred material of choice for many end users globally. Each facility is supported by most modern quality testing center and logistics team ensuring on-spec and on-time delivery to our customers.

Currently we are expanding our manufacturing base in Morocco with investments in jigging and grinding of barite. The process of jigging uses environment friendly technology to refine low grade barite ore to end use ready high grade barite ore.

Shipping and Chartering

The trading and logistics teams are supported by a strong shipping and chartering operation based out of Dubai and Athens. We provide competitive and dependable freight solutions for our commodities and third party cargos by chartering and/or packaging volumes creatively. Every aspect of shipping from pre-fixture to post-fixture including negotiation of freights, stowage, loading plan, discharge plan, laytime calculations and claim processing get handled centrally by our operations desk.

Finance, Analytics & Advisory

The advisory and analytics team is based out of London, Dubai, Shenzhen, Casablanca and Chennai. The extensive presence helps us in assimilating data and market knowledge on real time basis. We regularly communicate this data with our producers and customer and hence have forecast fine-tuned to absorb market fluctuations and price volatility.

The advisory team uses our network of storage/logistics facilities and marketing strength to create smart solutions for financing of transactions. We provide financing solutions to both the supply and demand side and manage the transaction end-to-end basis, eliminating leakages in cost and better risk management.

Storage and Packaging

We operate fully equipped storage facilities in Laos, India, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Morocco and United States of America.

By placing our inventory closer to the end use, we engage with our customers in reducing the lead time and inventory cost. This translates to improved profitability, easier forecast and higher demand for our product.

We work with our production and provide storage facilities in the supply markets. This helps in faster turnaround for the producers and the logistics cost is significantly reduced by increased scale.

The trade finance team uses this model in devising creative and efficient financing options for both our customers and producers.